We offer the following services:

Temperature Verification 

Given the impact of COVID-19 on live events, public gathering, and office life, we provide trained staff to take the temperature using medical grade thermometers of entrants to minimize the spread of coronavirus and other flu-like viruses.


Health Screening

We assist clients with the self-check of employees or patrons where a series of questions are asked and take appropriate action is taken depending on their self-screen results.


Specialized Employer Services 

*Evaluation and assessment of the workplace environment in accordance with local laws
*Implementation of Compliance policy, procedures, and corresponding logistics
*COVID-19 Compliance training
*COVID-19 communications plan creation and execution


Medi-Dent Supplies

In February 2020, we noticed that many companies were dealing with less than credible medical suppliers.  Since we already had arrangements with manufacturers, we entered the space committing to provide health care practitioners and corporate clients with HONEST supplies, HONEST pricing and HONEST advice.  We offer contactless thermometers, Kn95 masks, and more. Email us for an estimate.


COVID Testing/COVID Sports Testing

We offer in-house blood and saliva tests to all-sized companies to check employees for COVID viruses and antibodies.  We follow all CDC, federal, and state guidelines to ensure testing accuracy, and our data and services are also HIPPA compliant.


Genetic Sequence Testing

Changes in our genes can predispose us to certain cancers, heart attacks, and other health risks.  This sequencing product can detect over 50 different genetic issues to help individuals implement preventative healthcare programs.


COVID 19 Cleaning Services

FeverCapture provides thorough COVID-19 cleaning services for your home or business.  Our cleaners wear masks and utilize products to disinfect surfaces throughout the space.